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About us

TurboEgg is a Krakow based company with a mission to seek to create and promote a strong Polish brand and improve daily life quality by taking it on a higher level of control, safety and convenience with our own innovative IoT devices.

Internet of Things is believed to be one of the most dynamically developing technology sectors. According to the global analytical company, IDC – there will be 25-50 billion connected to the network devices by 2020, and the value of the IoT market until 2019 is estimated at $ 1.3 trillion.

The company has both professional business and technology facilities. The company’s business is connected with the activity of the investment fund – Borubar Ventures, which patronize the development of 6 different projects, and TurboEgg is one of them. The board of the Fund consists of well-known Polish entrepreneurs who see the potential of this idea: Rafał Brzoska, Grzegorz Błażewicz and Konrad Pawlus.


Meet our team: 


Rafał Brzoska – The founder and head of the largest Polish companies such as Integer, InPost and Paczkomaty. Actively invests in numerous Polish startups and ventures young Polish entrepreneurs.


Grzegorz Błażewicz – Practice leader in business with over 15 years of experience. Co-founder & CEO of SALESmanago Marketing Automation, international company with revenue growth of 976% over the past five years, what makes it as 4th fastest growing hi-tech company in Poland. He gained his experience as a chairman of the portal and Marketing Director of the Comarch Group.


Konrad Pawlus – His determination and experience contributed to the development of new technologies. Co-founder & Vice President of SALESmanago Marketing Automation. He worked on unique solutions to global financial forecasting-based econometric models. He was responsible for the development of OpSource Cloud ™ applications and SaaS billing solutions, as well as for the development of one of the world’s leading travel portals – Virtually There.


Tomasz Kalawa – Consultant, business coach, executive coach. Partner in ProOptima – the consulting and training company, and Competence Solutions – a form of personal counseling. His experience was developed while working with managers and boards of many national and international companies. As an advisor, he participated in numerous restructuring projects, such as the introduction of companies on the stock exchange, the projects of privatization, restructuring, venture capital.


Magdalena Dąbrowska – Project Manager at TurboEgg, responsible for projects development, administration and logistics. Her experience involves both B2B and B2C contacts. Products available on-line on TurboEgg provide the best examples for implementation of innovative technology, additionally she works on introducing new ideas to offer. She coordinates the work of developers, engineers and legal department. Privately a lover of cycling.


Konrad Waktor – Responsible for the development of the business strategy and sales network, working with distributors and suppliers. Currently, he holds the position of Business Development Manager at TurboEgg and coordinates the work of our sales departments and company’s growth. When he is around, TurboEgg Storm Detector sends notifications about the coming brainstorms. Privately a lover of mountain hikes.