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If you run an online store or local store and you can see the potential of innovative products contact us! We offer our partners attractive margins and settlement after the sale. We guarantee to provide relevant documents and all sorts of necessary materials sales.


IThe aim of our business is to create, develop and educate a community using products based on our technology. For this purpose, we cooperate with the producers of electrical and electronic equipment. Together we offer the innovation to use in the everyday life.


A unique technology distinguishes us from the others on the market.

TurboEgg created the Internet Platform, based on Bluetooth® Smart Technology with an open protocol which enables users to control any devices connected to our Ecosystem.


We understand it as building long-term relationships with manufacturers of a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment. We welcome you if you are looking for new investment ideas and partnerships. Within the scope of cooperation we offer:

  • assistance in implementing communication with the device via our module based on Bluetooth® Smart Technology
  • we provide joining your devices to the management platform developed by our company

By belonging to the TurboEgg Ecosystem, your customers obtain an easy access to control their purchased devices and read specified information delivered from anywhere in the world.

Or maybe you’re a DIY enthusiast? Implement our ready-to-use module by yourself.


Our platform brings together Early Adopters and people who love innovation. If you belong to the TurboEgg community you gain an access to customers who are using our Web Platform.