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Emotions Sensor | TurboEgg

The one and only Emotions Detector along with its mobile applications enables you to measure the emotional state, it can also serve as a lie detector! Check the description and usage in other spheres of life.




Emotions Sensor | TurboEgg

Emotions Sensor | TurboEgg is the only detector on the market which enables controlling and measuring the level of emotions. It can also function as a lie detector. It works on the basis of biofeedback technology. It is not destined only for distrustful spouses of parents. It is not only for the play. Check the application of this innovative device and use it in any context you want. Received results can be followed and saved by a dedicated TurboEgg Emotions mobile application which communicates with Bluetooth® Smart.

In order to start measuring emotions, start the mobile application and grab Emotions detector using two fingers. Firstly, the application calibrates in order to set the neutral level of user’s emotions. There are two modes of measurements. The first one is a lie detector. Registered measurements can be sent to the chosen e-mail address. The second mode enables for a single measurement of emotions. That enables to observe the changes depending on the situation.


emotions sensor
emotions sensor

Examples of using TurboEgg Emotions

TurboEgg Emotions device can be used in numerous contexts; from a play to the professional measurement in which we need to consider the level of stress, satisfaction, danger, trouble etc.

Entertainment usage:

  • lies detection
  • measuring the level of emotions in the hypothetical situations
  • play “whatever works” – show your partner photos of different people and measure the level of emotional reactions in order to discover his/her real desires

Professional and semi-professional usage:

  • the analysis of the level of emotions enhanced by advertisements – enrichment of focus research
  • client satisfaction measurement
  • the analysis of the level of relaxation during the meditation sessions
  • the analysis of emotions during film screenings or texts reading as a help in creating perfect scripts and stories
  • the usage in coaching, psychological, and psychotherapeutic sessions
  • the improvement of emotional communication for autistic people and their carers


The product uses high-grade skin-galvanic reaction’s sensor. The applied lithium battery allows Emotions Sensor TurboEgg to operate in standby mode, up to 12 months, and when the time to replace it is approaching, the app will tell you what kind of the battery you should buy.

Communication is possible by the direct Bluetooth®Smart connection between your smartphone and Emotions Sensor | TurboEgg. And you can also send measurement results by mail. Emotions Sensor TurboEgg is supported by smartphones and tablets running Android 4.3 (or newer) and iOS 8.0 or (or newer).

User Manual – Emotions Sensor | TurboEgg


Wirelles connection

Bluetooth Smart® (Bluetooth Low Energy) v. 4.2


up to 10 m


3V lithium battery type CR2477

Operating time

1 month in continous mode, about 1 year in sleep mode

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amazing it`s work ! 😀 fun fun fun.
BTW TurboEgg brand sounds good


omg great device! I play with autism children in kindergarten and result is really amazing. This kind of revolution :> good luck with this project
cheers from Hungary


something new on market, great gadget and supercool small box – you got me 🙂


Emotions Sensor that invention is madness

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