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Storm Detector | TurboEgg

Use our Storm Detector and check the distance from the storm within 40km along with its estimated speed and time of arrival. Don’t let yourself be surprised with storm again!


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Storm Detector | TurboEgg

Storm Detector is a modern device reacting to changes in the electro-magnetic field. Its minimalistic and elegant form along with a good price make the Storm Detector available for everyone. The aim of the Storm Detector is to warn a user about the possibility of the incoming storm in the nearest area. The device acquires atmospheric discharges within 40km and informs you about it with a notification.  Additionally, it shows estimated speed of storm and approximate time of the occurrence. Storm Detector monitors the situation and enables you to be prepared for the approaching storm.

How does the Storm Detector | TurboEgg works?

Using the dedicated mobile application you can follow the level of danger in a simple way. When the storm is really close to your location you will be informed about it with a signal and you will be given estimated time of when the storm starts and what the speed is.

Examples of using TurboEgg Storm Detector:

  • You are on the trekking or cycling trip – protect yourself and your relatives
  • You are on a mountain trip – remember that weather conditions are changing very fast and unexpectedly
  • You go to school or to work – schedule your day and do not be surprised by the weather
  • Protect your electronic devices – in a simple way you can minimize any crashes
  • You work outside – schedule your tasks and optimize your daily plan
  • You are wondering about going for a party – check the weather and appreciate the fact you stayed home


The device uses the storm sensor of the highest quality. In-built lithium battery in Storm Detector | TurboEgg allows for working in sleep mode up to 12 months. When the time for exchange is near, the application will advice what kind of battery you should purchase.

Communication  is possible by the direct Bluetooth® Smart connection between your smartphone and Storm Detector. Storm Detector is compatible with smartphones and tablets using OS Android 4.3 or later, and iOS 8.0 or later.


User Manual – Storm Detector | TurboEgg