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Smart socket controlled by application on your mobile phone or remotely via the Internet without purchasing additional equipment.


TURBOEGG Socket is our own product. This socket lets you turn all appliances connected on and off. Moreover, you can check the level of voltage and temperature and the uptime. It is controlled by an easy-to-use, free TURBOEGG app on your smartphone or tablet, available for download from the App Store and Google Play.
Further, you can control TURBOEGG Socket remotely from anywhere with Internet access and view your data via TURBOEGG web platform.

NOTE: unlike the other products available on the market, you need not purchase any additional equipment in order to control devices using TURBOEGG products from anywhere in the world via the Internet. It requires only a mobile device, left in the house, with operating systems based on Android 4.3 (at least) or iOS 8.0 (at least) with the TURBOEGG application.

Each TURBOEGG Socket has a PIN access so you can be sure that no one except you and your loved ones will be able to access the devices at home.

Our company created the Internet Platform, based on Bluetooth®Smart Technology with an open protocol which enables controlling appliances (turning the devices on and off, checking their status, managing voltage and measuring the temperature). Bluetooth® Smart Technology allows for direct smartphone-todevice communication in a range up to 30 meters.

Just plug TURBOEGG socket into the mains. Go to Apple Store or Google Play and download free TURBOEGG app. Turn on the Bluetooth® function in your phone so that the device will be detected and appear on the screen. From now you can turn the device on/off and use other available functions.


TURBOEGG products work based on Bluetooth® Smart. Please make sure that your mobile device supports this type of wireless connection (device specs). Operating systems based on (at least) Android 4.3 or later or (at least) iOS 8.0 or later (at least iPhone 4S or later)


What iPhones and iPads have Bluetooth 4.0?


How it works

TURBOEGG Web Platform works using Bluetooth® Smart, which lets you control comprehensively any electrical devices, not only while at home or in a workplace but also remotely from anywhere with the Internet access.

Each device, where our own Bluetooth module will be implemented, can be controlled by TURBOEGG app, available for free download from App Store or Google Play.

The application enables remote controlling for the devices via a smartphone, tablet or the user’s web panel.




Use simple and intuitive application

TURBOEGG application has a user-friendly interface and is uniquely functional.
The application activates the Bluetooth function on your phone and informs you about the availability of an Internet connection.

Take control over the devices in your house

Each TURBOEGG Socket and TURBOEGG Chip has a PIN access so you can be sure that no one except you and your loved ones will be able to access the devices at home.  You can give it a unique name and change the PIN code as you please. Further, you can create groups which will be turned on and off at the same time and add devices to your favorites, which allows you a fast access to the habitually used devices.

Turn on and off with a flick of the wrist

To turn the device on, simply move the slider from OFF to ON. Green color informs you that the device is ON.

Check the level of the temperature and voltage

Would you like to check the temperature or voltage level of your devices? That’s easy! You can read it in the details section of your device on mobile app.





Control the devices from anywhere

Did you leave the house and you want to be sure if you had turned the iron off? With TURBOEGG it’s possible! Everything you need is a smartphone or tablet with an Internet access and a mobile device, left in the house, with operating systems based on Android 4.3 or iOS 7.0 with the TURBOEGG application. This connection enables you to view your data via TURBOEGG web platform.

Check the work history

Every change of the devices is saved to the user’s account, available on TURBOEGG web platform after registration, so you gain total control over of what happens in your house.

Weight 150 g
maximum electric power

1800 W


230- 250 VAC, 50 Hz

power consumption in operation

0,2 W

range of frequencies

2.402- 2.480 Ghz

number of switching cycles

360 cycles/h

working temperature

-30°C to +85°C

humidity of environment

10% to 90%

4 reviews for Socket | TurboEgg


Spot on. Does exactly what it says on the box, nice and easy to use with an Android device. The app looks good.


This is a superb little unit!


This plug is designed to connect to your smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth so called Bluetooth Smart (not all devices on the market has it) and it can then be controlled from an app on your smartphone/tablet. This can be done either while you’re at home or while you’re out, over the Internet. Very useful, as it allows you to turn an appliance on or off without having to be near the plug. Mind one issue: if you want to control the plug while you’re out, you need to have another Android or iOS device connected to the Internet left at home.

The plug arrived in a stylish black and white box. Contents:
• The plug
• A brief manual, in English
The plug is made from matt white/grey plastic, feels solidly made and fits a most UE socket, I guess except the UK ones. The manual is reasonably thorough in its coverage. The setup isn’t complex. Note – it only supports Bluetooth Smart.


Ich hab acht Steckdose gekauft und ich hab in meinem Zimmer eingestellt. Jetzt setzte ich nur, trinke Bier und ich bediene bei menem Smartphon

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